Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hello world!

It is I, Amy. And I am alive! :)

It's amazing how fast life moves, even when you don't want it to. Yesterday was Joe's 3,600th and final day at GTECH. (He did the math, not me!) Tomorrow he starts his new job. He goes back to working long days, and in Strongsville to boot! It was nice having him home on weekends and in evenings. Now we're not sure when he'll be home. I think we did figure he'll be here for an average of 8 hours a day, and one day a week.

I'm still attempting to substitute teach, although I very rarely get called. The system is a bit flawed. I've had people requesting me, yet I don't get the calls. And when I do get calls, they're for the days that I cannot work, thanks to my other PT job. That job is a bit crazy too. Yes, it's retail. And yes, there are stupid people involved. I just want the switch to be done. For those of you who don't know-the department I work in is a leased department. The company I work for has decided to pull out of Macy's and turn us all into Macy's employees. Last week we were given the status of of jobs, that we will still have them. (Everyone but our manager, which I think is crap!) I had hoped I would be able to get more hours, given that Joe won't be home, and I know we'll need the money soon. I was told our pay rate would remain the same and that I could have up to 20 hours a week. Totally not what I was hoping for. I know, it's still a job. And I am thankful for it, I just wish that the change was complete. First we are liquidating too slowly, then too quickly, then back to slowly. THEN on top of that they changed the discounts twice in one day. Talk about angry customers. I had a customer call and complain. Woohoo! Gotta love stupid people who think we don't communicate with each other!

Anyway...just thought I'd post an update. In my mind I've posted several times over the past few weeks. Maybe I'll be able to post some of the fun stuff soon!