Saturday, January 9, 2016

Trying again...

Take two.

I can't say that C is asleep, but he is in his bed and he is being calm. T isn't asleep-I can say that for certain. He is in his bed singing the Frog song and talking about Transformers. Oh the things he talks about at 11:30 at night. It's amazing what his little mind is contemplating.

Anyway. Back to C. He is doing quite well. We have switched up therapies and now he sees OT, PT and speech every week. We were going two times a month, with a total of an hour each. This new schedule is an hour every week. HUGE difference. Seriously! He went from barely supporting himself to sitting up (he can't get himself to that position yet, but he's trying), he's army crawling, and this week we started actually putting some weight on those things known as legs. Absolutely amazing! He still has no teeth. I'm hoping soon. He is chewing on everything and there is tons of drool, so it's only a matter of time. 

We still are dealing with GI issues. We were hospitalized twice last year for clean outs, and they weren't fun. Poor kid had to have a gallon of the stuff put into his little body to clear him out. We have since switched docs to the head of the department. We have a referral to Columbus and will be making our first trip down in a few weeks. The meeting is just an hour long, but hopefully it will get us on the right track. The doc says that they are the only ones that can do this kind of testing (GI motility) and that the docs there are the best in the country. I hope so. I hate seeing C's poor belly so distended some days. He doesn't necessarily act like he's in pain, but I can't imagine that it feels good.

(For the record, he is still awake. He is laying in bed saying ah-di-duh. He likes those words.)

J is currently at work, thanks to the lottery jackpot being so high. It's been interesting to see the posts on FB with people buying tickets. Keep buying them, it keeps him employed. (Although, I'd rather he was home right now. But jackpots like these don't happen often.)

I am still trying out new products and reviewing them, when I get a chance. Our schedule is fairly busy, but I try to make due. I do need to post some reviews on my blog in a few minutes, so feel free to read those. Otherwise, scroll past. My account has been "suspended" for not posting my blog review in time. So, I am trying to fix that. Start 2016 off on the right foot and all that.

It's been awhile...Part 1

I have a hard time actually posting the blogs that are written in my head. I really need to get better at it. I apologize. I have been doing stuff-really-I'm not just sitting around the house eating bonbons. Really! I'm not.

So first. Tomorrow, Truck will be 4. Where the heck does time go?! I know, I know. So many of my friends have told me in the past that it goes fast, and I was like, yeah, whatever. Ha. Little did I know.

My little man is growing up so quickly, using a vocabulary with words like articulated, plushy, and stabilize. I can thank the internet for those. He enjoys watching "red videos" (YouTube for Kids) in the morning when he first wakes up and again before bed. (And during the day when he's allowed.) He watches all kinds of videos, Transformers have been his favorite as of lately, but we also have a "healthy" does of surprise egg videos, unboxing videos, blind bag videos, and just videos about toys. There are channels I wish he wouldn't watch, the folks are annoying. But no, he watches them and learns all about some toy that he needs to have, never mind that it is either 1.) really expensive or 2.) no longer an option to buy at the store, making it really expensive. He also watches adults playing kids board games and I'm guessing collectors talk about the different Hot Wheels that they've found. I never know what for sure he will be watching.

He isn't excited about turning 4 though. Why? Well, it's complicated. Not really. But to him it is. When we were talking about growing up and being potty trained when he was four. He took that to mean the day he turns 4 he has to go potty on the potty all the time. (Make no mistake, he can do it-he was very close when he was 2.) So now, he has stressed himself out. I hate seeing him upset. I know some of it has to do with some sensory issues we've been working on, but the rest, well, that's all him. I'm a little apprehensive of what will happen when he wakes up in the morning...

I want to add more info about C and what's been going on with him, but alas, he has woke up (it's 11PM) and he wants my computer. So, I need to shut down for now to get him to sleep. Hopefully I will get an update up in the next day or so...