Monday, June 30, 2008

My newest dog...

This year was the 5th annual birthday trip for our niece Alexa and myself to Build-a-Bear. It's becoming a fine tradition, although I'm sure she'll outgrow it. (She'll be 9 on the 10th of July.) Each year we co-build bears (or in my case, animals). It's a fun time, and I enjoy feeling like a kid again.

As is typical for me (except for the year of Sally Freda the Frog and Katerina aka Hello Kitty), I built a dog. This year I decided to go for a black lab. I really like labs, but I'm realistic and realize that it's highly unlikely I'll ever own a real live black lab. Unless they become miniature somehow. So...I built Hatfield. I've always thought that if I had real animals, I'd have a pair, a black one named Hatfield and a white one named McCoy. Yes, from the West Virginia Hatfield-McCoy feud.

Why? Well...Joe's related to the Hatfields. I haven't gotten his family treetotally figured out yet (there are co-relatives on his father's know, cousins marrying cousins...I think). But, from what I tell, "Devil Anse" Hatfield is an uncle. Again, I think. If you're not familiar with the Hatfields and McCoys, you can read a bit here.

Anyway. I decided to have my own Hatfield and McCoy, and I built them. I really like how they look together (and no, Hatfield is not eating McCoy...they're just hanging out together. Playing if you will). I brought them home, Joe asked to see them, and he shook his head. Hatfield is now with the rest my pets, guarding my bookshelves. He seems happy.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

And another thing

Why does my Pandora radio station insist on playing Christmas music?? It's June!
Hello, and welcome to the crazy world of me! Oh yes, it's been another fun week here in Green. Why? Well...for one thing I couldn't use the computer much because of the freaking storms. Every time I'd go to turn on one of the computers I'd hear thunder and see lightning. So much for that. Luckily there is blue sky out there right now. I'm making a run for the internet and you can't stop me, oh large forces of electricity!

What else have I been doing...well...I'm still not eating wheat or gluten. That makes it fun for someone who doesn't cook all that much. (I totally blame Joe's schedule!) I've made a few gluten-free coffee cakes that I eat for breakfast, and I'm slowly learning what I can and cannot eat when we're out. Sometimes you might not think that there is gluten in something, but my skin itches and my stomach informs me otherwise. Blah. I made a cinnamon-raisin gluten-free bread last night and had a slice of it for breakfast this morning. It wasn't too bad, but it needs something. I'm guessing butter and perhaps some cinnamon sugar. The hardest thing about this is finding foods that I can eat. The specialty shops aren't exactly close, and while I really want to go to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, I just haven't been able to justify the drive to Chagrin Falls and Beachwood yet. Montrose is about as far as I go.

Hmm...what else? I went to Kent State this week. That was interesting. I haven't really been on campus to see it since graduation in '98. It was amazing to me! I was walking and had to stop...hey-wasn't this a field?! Where the f* did that come from?! I did enjoy my 35 minute walk around the 'center' campus (aka Michael Schwartz for yet ANOTHER copy of my transcript) and the Student Center/Library. I didn't want to be too nostalgic and get a parking ticket for over parking. After campus I went downtown to visit a couple of the stores I liked to visit when I lived there. The Works is still there and selling fun artistic creations for enormous prices. Boy do I wish some of my stuff could gather that kind of price! I also went into Lasso the Moon. They were in the midst of their going out of business sale. Good thing I stopped when I did! I was good and didn't purchase anything, but it was fun to look around one last time.

I had my annual Build-a-Bear trip with Lexie on Friday. We had a blast. I'll post more about that later. It's definitely a fun place to go, but man can it be expensive! Luckily Lexie only has a birthday once a year.

Stitches come out on Tuesday at 11. Not that I'm counting down. My head is itching like crazy-I think that's a sign of healing, right? I just want them out! I don't think I can handle having Joe freak out every time he sees them. I swear, if we have children, he's going to be in the lobby. I want him nowhere near me. I don't want to worry about him freaking.

Anyway...that's all for now. I need to get back to 'work'. The storm really screwed my hours for the week, and while I only do 10 a week, having to do 7 in 2 days is just not fun at all!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth, I promise! Just lots of things going on. On Tuesday I had 2 cysts removed from my scalp. (Ok. One was, the other just scar tissue.) I was so excited when 4:30 arrived today so that I could 1.) wash my hair and get the dried blood out and 2.) take allergy and pain meds again! Oh yes, it's the little things. My head isn't hurting too bad today, but there is a dull pain that comes and goes. It makes me wonder how it would feel for someone that doesn't have a high pain tolerance. (I've been told by many a doctor that I should be in pain when in fact I feel fine.)

The other exciting 'event' in my life is that I've given up wheat and gluten. No, sorry, no pregnancies or new dogs here! I realized that when I don't eat wheat or things with gluten in them, I feel WAY better than I did I did have them. So, I've been working on researching and trying new recipes so that I can still enjoy some of the same things I did. No, pizza won't be the same, but if there's an option for a gluten-free pizza dough, you know full well I'll try it! Ok. That's all the news from here for now. I'll keep you updated!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Random things...

First-still no word from the career center. I haven't decided if that's good news or bad. The gal that stared at me the 2nd half of the test told me it took over a month for them to complete the process with her. I've decided what will be, will be. I cannot stress over this. It's just not worth losing my sanity.

Second...I finally have my name correct on my driver's license! After nearly5 years with it wrong, they finally added the space between Amy and Aileen. Mind was there when we first got married. It disappeared when we moved from Cuyahoga County to Stark County. They said there wasn't room. Yeah, right. So, after going in, having them call the help desk who made us go get my birth certificate and marriage license (which before were not acceptable) they finally changed it. Props to Brenda at the BMV or DMV (whatever!) who said "It lets me put the space in, let's see what happens." $19.50 later, I have my name correct. Next up...the mortgage.

And finally....Just my own random thoughts here. If for some reason you find a growth or lump on your skin, please, please, please insist on seeing a doctor who is willing to check it out and not just claim it's harmless. We lost Joe's aunt last week as a result of such growth, one that had gone from what they thought was a wart to brain cancer. It's just sad when you lose someone so sweet and kind as Aunt Donna, at the young age of 58.

Until next time, enjoy this weather!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The week of my birthday...

Should really be a holiday week. Ok. Maybe not, but I think I should be showered with presents and niceties all week. (I'd go for the month, but I know that won't work out so well...) So last night I was bugging Joe that I thought I deserved a card. (I was joking. The anniversary was a no cards, no presie type event, so my birthday is pretty much the same.) So...he takes a piece of left over cardstock and writes "Hap B-day Amy" puts a smiley face below that and scribbles what he claims are his initials. I was like, um...ok. So then he makes it a stand up card so I can sit here at the computer, work, and be reminded of how much he loves me. A little later he comes in and squashes it, saying that I needed a paperweight as a gift, not a card. Then later he comes in and puts a clothepin on it, and stands it up next to the monitor, and says he bought me art for my birthday. Then again he comes back in and he throws it across the room, and says he bought me a toy for my birthday. I've picked it back up off the floor and put it on the desk. (sorry for the dust in the picture. ICK!) I decided to make the picture look 'artistic' so only the paperweight/card/toy/art is the original color. I wonder if I'll get a bigger piece of art when it really is my birthday?!