Monday, October 5, 2015

Well then...

So no Hirschsprung's. Yay. But, since then, we have had issues and we had to be admitted for him to be cleaned out. Not to get overly detailed, but the barium from the test in May? Yeah, it finally came out. But hey, nothing to be concerned about. Right. I'm working on my plan on where to go to see a different specialist. Might be Cinci if we can get a release. Otherwise, we might look into other states.

Anyway. I have been able to review some fun stuff lately. 😃 of note is a remote controlled Truggy. Truck and Joe have had some fun playing with it. They tried to go off road with it in our yard, but it didn't do too well. Of course, our yard is not optimal, but had they been able to drive it from the front to back, oh man! They have been playing in the drive. T loves that it is "faster than even me!" And he tries to chase it. That is when he lets DaDdy have a turn. I like that it's something they can play with together. Not that our other toys aren't able to be played together, but this seems to be a perfect father/son activity.

Truck discovered YouTube videos a few months back. Oh. My. Goodness. He loves watching surprise egg videos and blind bag videos. And today? (I took the videos away for a few weeks) He is watching reviews that tell what ages the toys are for. Great. "Mommy! I can get that! It's for 1 and up!" I am in trouble. I don't mind toys, I like things that can have more than one use. You know,maybe educational if we can. We use cars for many things-colors, counting, shapes. But mystery eggs? So far all I've learned is that he doesn't have all of the Paw Patrol pop-up characters. Oy.

Well, I'm done rambling for now. I apologize for the lack of posts. Just been trying to get everything straight. Hopefully more updates and reviews will be coming soon!