Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hello World!

Why hello there! I know, I've been AWOL for what seems like months! Ok. It has been months. I apologize. It's not all my fault, I promise. A large part has to deal with a class action lawsuit that took away my laptop back in March.

So what happened to my laptop, you ask? The suit was brought on by NVIDIA and a faulty graphics card. My HP laptop wasn't acting horribly, but it was starting to act up and met the symptoms that were outlined in the suit. So, I sent it in, being told that in 4 to 6 weeks I would receive a laptop of equal or greater value. HA! I figured I could go a month without my laptop, I can handle not being online all the time. (Or at least have the access to being online.) I didn't need to do anything with my photos, I wouldn't take that many that I would need to worry about the space running out on my memory card. So 4 to 6 weeks came and went, and I started reading some online forums from other people in the suit, only to find out that we were not getting something of "equal or greater value" and that in reality, those words had been taken out of the settlement. Not only that, but the time frame was extended 8 to 10 weeks. Again, I thought I'd be ok, as long as I had my computer by July (which 10 weeks was actually up in June on my birthday) so that I would have it for a scrapbooking retreat. I started calling the hotline they provided, only to be told that they didn't know when it would be shipping out. On my birthday, at 10 weeks I called again and was told to call back in a few weeks because they had no idea when it would ship. So at 12 weeks I called and was told that it would ship July 25. Umm....I'm pretty sure that from March 30th to July 25 is not 8 to 10 weeks. To say I was pissed is an understatement. I couldn't believe it. So finally, after my scrapbooking retreat was over, my laptop arrived at my work. (I had it sent there because I knew I wouldn't be at home to sign for it and why delay receiving it any longer?!) The total time I waited for it? 16 weeks. I received a Compaq Presario CQ56. I can purchase one on ebay for about $250. Yep. Definitely NOT equal to the HP Entertainment laptop that I sent in, one that can handle graphics work, had a dual core processor and could have more than one application open at a time without slowing down. This one is slow-my phone accesses things on the internet faster, and from what I read on the forums, will require at least $200 worth of upgrades to make it even close to what I had. Unfortunately I don't have that kind of money right now (for reasons I will explain shortly) so I'm stuck with a very sub-par computer. I am very sad. But, at least now I can go online and post my rants. The one thing I did learn was that just because you are part of a lawsuit, you don't have to participate. I learned the hard way, and hope that somebody else will learn from my mistake.

As for why I don't have money right now....well, turns out that in about 5 months (ok, 21 weeks) we will be having a baby! It was handy to find out I was pregnant so early into waiting for my laptop too-I knew exactly how many weeks I was without my laptop because it was very close to the same amount as I was! (And no, it was not because I didn't have a computer that we're having a baby!) (Ohh....another thing I don't like about this computer...if I hit a specific button it automatically posts my blog...even if  I'm not done typing!) So...anyway. We're going to have a baby the beginning of January. Things have been going along fairly smoothly for the most part, and thanks to being so blessed with wonderful family and friends, we have a large part of the big items we will need taken care of. I cannot thank everyone enough for their generosity...I was a bit worried how we were going to be able to afford a crib and car seats and strollers and all of the "stuff" that is associated with having a new family member. We're not all the way there with what we need, but we are definitely a lot closer than I ever dreamed we would be. My current dilemma is clothing. As most of you who know me, you know that I am not tiny. I used to be considered "average" until I had to go and gain 60 pounds thanks to life. I lost roughly 25 pounds of them prior to becoming pregnant, but I am still considered obese and therefore have a hard time finding clothes that fit. I am not short at 5'9 and I don't like pants that barely come to my ankle...unless they're capris, and then it's ok. Today's fashion designers don't seem to think that someone of a "large" stature (roughly size 18, although I was down to 16 back in February/March) needs to have pants that have a larger inseam or room in the thigh. AND retailers don't seem to want to carry maternity clothing anyway. It's absolutely nuts! I have been to Motherhood, and I have purchased a pair of jeans and pants for work, but I can't wear jeans to work at all, and wearing the same pants to work everyday is just gross. I have found that even though the tags say they're XL and fit a size 18, they still end up being tight, mainly in the thighs. I don't find that comfortable since I have to sit most of the day anyway. I found that the Avenue started carrying maternity clothes and went in to a store yesterday to check them out. The girl there was not helpful, to say the least. She said that I could only purchase the maternity clothes online which she didn't recommend because I couldn't return them at the store, and I would have to pay to send them back if they didn't fit. She then said that I could just buy pants one size larger than what I normally wear and would be perfectly fine. I mean, my belly is just starting to show (and no my dear sweet husband, it's not all just fat!), and pants that were one size bigger are not comfortable. The buttons/zippers are just not comfortable! I had read some reviews online of pants from Walmart and a few people from work suggested I try them, so I purchased some online. The lounge pants fit great, although I found out that they're not maternity pants. Oh well, at least they're comfortable and should last a few more weeks. The other pants I purchased were once again too tight in the thighs and sitting wasn't an option. So, today we went back to the store to return them (wait, what, I can return something I buy online at a store?! There's a novel concept!) After a small problem with the return not working, I finally had my money back and I went back to the clothing section to check out what they did have. I was told that they haven't sold maternity clothes in the store for more than 5 years! So, um....does Walmart not expect their customers to reproduce? Or do they just expect us to purchase clothes one size bigger than what we are now and then every other week come back and buy more? Yeah, I don't have that kind of disposable income. We did go to Kohl's where the pants were the right length, but again too tight in the thighs. (Sensing a pattern anyone?) I was able to buy a cute shirt and a pair of capris that were on sale, so at least I have some clothes to wear. I realize my rant is nothing new to many ladies who have gone through this experience. I just don't understand why fashion designers are not capitalizing on this market...there are many folks in my boat-we're tall and we're overweight, and we need clothes that we can wear to work! (And, I have found a pair of pants from Target that will fit, but I am waiting to see if I can find them online in gray. I don't want to only have black pants for work....that's boring!) 

Well...that's about all for now. Hopefully now that I have a laptop at my fingertips I can keep my blog updated a little more. I will do my best, but as we prepare for our arrival, I can make no guarantees!