Monday, June 1, 2015

Back to square one

We received the official results from C's biopsy today. He does not have Hirschsprung's Disease. (I had kind of a feeling after seeing his results posted on his account, but without official interpretation, I didn't want to make any mistakes.) While it is awesome that he doesn't have to have the surgery, we are now back to where we were. He isn't gaining weight very fast, he was 6.7 kgs (14.7 lbs) last week when they weighed him. He is around 26 inches. That means he hasn't really grown a whole lot. We know that he will be small, and that growth will be slow, but this is a little more than just a "little". C's neurologist (also the doctor at the Down Syndrome Clinic) was the one who had recommended we see a GI specialist. The surgeon said today that he was going to pass along the info to the GI doc, so we'll see what our next step is. Poor boy is also very constipated if he doesn't receive lots of help from Miralax and Milk of Magnesia. (Today was a day that was proof that the meds work-poop all over me, him, and the chair!) J went to the allergy doc today to see what he was allergic to. He came home and said the better question was what he wasn't allergic to. He might be starting allergy shots soon. Hopefully it will help. We did think it was kind of amusing that he didn't have a reaction (that he remembers) to feathers. He hates birds. He did have a reaction to cats and dogs, both things that he doesn't hate (but doesn't necessarily like) and that T would like to have as pets. We will definitely use the cat one to our advantage, but I'm not sure about the dog one. We'll have to see how the allergy shots work out.