Wednesday, April 30, 2008

For those of you who weren't sure about my sanity...

Meet my pets. Yes, I have them. No, they aren't alive and breathing. (Nor are they former pets that have been stuffed like we learned about at Skyview Ranch in 4th grade.) These are my pets. As many of you know, I've wanted a dog for quite awhile. At least 9 years, but who's counting? my way of getting one, I've taken to adopting dogs.

The first one is my latest. He was the cheapest in that he came free from Hallmark when I bought necessary cards last weekend. He's a WebKin. I haven't activated his code yet, but that's beside the point. Currently he sits guarding all of my latest book purchases. He does a good job. If only he could find my missing copy of Great Gatsby, all would be swell.

My other 'pets' (those pictured anyway) have been built at Build-a-Bear. I love that store! You go in and you just can't help but be swept away with the fun of making your own friend! After the WebKin (who is currently nameless) is Caterwall. He's the first BAB I built. He was 'born' in Nashville, and has a very special trait. He meows. Oh yes, he meows. Squeeze his paw, you hear, "meow, meow, meow!" It's AWESOME! Of course, when I had the sound box placed in his paw, the lady at the store was all, Honey, you got the cat box. You need to change it for a dog. Um. No! I want a dog that meows thank you! And, because his identity was so confused, he was named Caterwall. :)

The 2nd BAB I built was Buttercup. I built her when I took Alexa to BAB for her birthday. And, no, you can't see the dog's eyes in real life either. But hey, at least she's wearing Limited 2 clothes! :)

The final BAB I'm posting is Buddy. He's a Boxer. I built him another trip for Lex's birthday. He was one of the special kennel pals that they have. A portion of his price is donated to a local shelter. Oh, I'm sure it's like 3 cents or something stupid, but at least when I was in the process of building him, I felt like I'd done something good for animalhood.

I do have 4 other 'pets' that share my office with me. A set of dogs that I bought at Kohl's in their Kohl's for Kids campaign, a Woot flying monkey, a BAB Hello Kitty named Katerina, and a BAB frog name Sally Freda. All of my pets keep me company when I'm in here working. Someday I hope to have a real four-legged friend, but until then, these do just fine! :)

The flowering ___ tree.

I thought I'd show how the tree looks now. Luckily it was nice out so I could get some pictures of the blooms on the flowering _____ tree. I really think they're pretty. It's a shame it's going to rain the next few days. The pretty blooms will be a thing of the past sooner than necessary!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Latest blooms

So apparently it rained a little today. I didn't notice. I was sleeping. :) The flowering whatever tree has started to bloom. The buds are popping out one at a time, so I thought I'd get a picture. There will be more to come, if it doesn't rain hard and knock them off of course.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Flowers, part deux

I had to take a break from work. I only have to do 2 hours worth, but I've been sitting here for 4 hours, and well, yeah. I've one hour finished. So, I went back outside.

These are the buds on our flowering _____ tree. (Crab apple maybe? Ornamental pear? I have no idea.) Anyway. I really think they're pretty, and I have a feeling if we get any storms (as predicted) there's a good chance I'll never get a picture of the actual flowers. So, I'm sharing this one.


I couldn't just sit inside. The weather outside is just beautiful, and since this is Ohio, you just never know how long it will last! I took a couple of pictures of the flowers outside, and I've posted a few of my favorites. Yes, I know...they're in black and white (2, anyway). But, I like how they look. Probably just me. Anyway...Enjoy the weather!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Signs Signs, everywhere signs!

So, back when my mom was still around, we had this thing where we'd like to look for signs that either had spelling mistakes or grammar issues, or, sometimes, both. She'd cut out articles and ads from the paper and either send them to me or keep them for my next visit. One of my favorites was in Indiana near a school. It said "Speed Limit 15, Unless Kids are Present: 35." I loved it! I wished I would've been able to convince my dad to pull over so I could get a picture, but I didn't. At least I have the memory! :)

This particular sign is notorious for not being able to spell. I had wanted to get a picture of it 5 years ago, because it was one that made her laugh. (It had said Welcome: Cabbage Rolls (spelled correctly): No Smoking) I never got around to it, but I noticed that it was up to it's usual spelling issues, so I stopped and took a picture last night before I picked Joe up from work. I wonder if these people realize that spell check doesn't work on signs?

And people wonder why I get so frustrated when I have to deal with spelling and grammar issues!

Today I managed to take the plastic off of the windows so that I could enjoy the fresh air. I was going to work outside, but I realized that there was a chance that I'd see my neighbors, and really, do I want to talk to them? No. So I decided fresh air in my office was the next best thing.

After I took the plastic off, got the screen switched, and was able to sit at the desktop to work (which by the way I should be doing now, but I'm not b/c I can't deal with the grammar issues (see above)), I looked out the window. I saw the pine tree flicking me off. Clearly it enjoys its position. Ok. So it's not really flicking me off, but that's how it looks. Maybe it's not flicking me off. Maybe it's flicking off the people that I have to read and correct their work. Yeah. That's it.

Now if only UPS or FedEx would deliver a package. I hate making purchases online and having to wait for them!

Monday, April 21, 2008


I really haven't disappeared-honest! I've just been busy!

I've started a new blog to showcase my creations . That way those of you who aren't into what I make and sell don't have to be bored. You can come here for my random thoughts, pictures, whatever. If you want to see what I've created, visit the above site.

So, what have I been busy doing you ask? Well...this past weekend I read, which was nice. I also worked on jewelry (as seen on the other blog). And, I managed to get scared by a goose.

After a nice lazy afternoon, I persuaded Joe to go to Boettler Park/Southgate to go for a walk. We chose our course and walked. Now, as some of you know, Joe has a fear of birds. Not just bigger birds, but tiny birds too. So we're walking and we get by a pond that has a Canadian Goose that is in the grass. It's close to the path, but not in the path. He tells me "Geese are mean." I say, "Right. I know." We kept walking. We walked past said goose, and he says, "Geese are mean." (Or something very similar to that.) I agreed. I then turned around to look at the goose. BAD IDEA. The freaking thing started hissing at me and waddling towards me! We sped up our pace. The goose stayed behind. He said "I told you they were mean." (Again, something quite similar if not those exact words.) I had to agree.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


So I made a lanyard for Brandee. She requested orange and blue colors. I really like the final result. I wish the pictures did it justice. I think I'm going to make and orange and black one for me. (School colors.) Who knows, maybe I'll be able to start selling more of these puppies!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


This is my latest creation. It's a bracelet I made from beads I bought from I had wanted to match the beads on the bracelet that Joe had bought me and I dropped, but these were a bit smaller and a different color. It's ok though, I do like this bracelet. It looks really nice and delicate. I hated to waste the beads after I bought them! I've finished another project, but until Brandee decides if she likes it or not (I hope she does, I do!), I don't want to post it.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Chain Maille

I did it! I finished my chain maille (chain mail, chainmail, bijou Cotte de Mailles) necklace! Woo hoo! I'm so proud of myself! It took a total of about 4 hours to do, and once I got a rhythm going, it went pretty quickly. I think I'll probably make other patterns, possibly a few that are more simple, and also purchase another kit like this one to make a bracelet or two. I might sell the other one.

Newest pieces

I'm finally getting the hang of things, more or less. Once I get the hang of the clasp at the end, I'll be a happy camper.

I made a bracelet and earrings to go with the necklace I've posted before. I also made a necklace to go with a bracelet that I received as a gift when I worked at the daycare. I like the necklace, but I think I'm going to work on it a little more. It needs something. I just don't know what.