Monday, May 26, 2008

Some flowers and a story.

I was out checking out the weed progression in the front of our house, and found some forget-me-nots growing. (Ok. I think they are. They look like them. Therefore, in my world, they are!) I really like these flowers. Probably why I collect vintage postcards with them. I took a picture and thought I'd share.

I also was able to cut some of our irises. Some of you know that irises are my favorite flower. I don't know why, they just are. I really like blue irises (hence why they were the chosen flower of our wedding 8 years ago tomorrow). The ones in our yard tend to be purple or another color. The other color ones are still buds, but I'm sure they'll be blooming soon. I cut a few stalks of the flowers and then brought them in. I decided to do my own version of ikebana to arrange them. I love flower frogs. (The dark thing you see in the bowl. It's spikey so you can just poke the flower on it and it stays.) It took a bit of arranging because the one stalk is extremely heavy. But I think I got it. It's adding nice color to my office. I'm sure Joe won't like it, but too bad. I spend lots of time in here!

And now, for my story...

So the other day I was subbing in a spec ed class. (Not short bus special. Just slow when it comes to learning.) They can become wild after lunch, and that day was no different. The one comment was about assuming makes an a$ out of you and me. Apparently it's the new 'saying' at school-the kids have just discovered it. Anyway, the one boy was telling someone not to assume something, and the other girl was just not getting it. So he tells her, write it out. She does. She looks at it. She says, "But there's no 'n' in there. I don't get it." This repeated for 10 minutes. I think we should respell the word assunme, with the silent n, just for her. Maybe then she'd get it.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend-what's left of it! :)

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