Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hi honey, I'm home!

As of 11 pm last night, I'm home. It took us 11 hours to drive the usual 8.5 hour drive. I fell asleep in the car on the way home, only to awaken to "What the Fuck?!" Now...let me say, last time I fell asleep on the drive home from TN and heard those words, we were being pulled over for speeding in Covington, KY. So...I was a bit worried. (The ticket was $180!!) This time, however, it was a WTF in response to the traffic jam on I-65. We went from speeds of 70 mph (the fastest we dare let the car go) to zip. After about an hour and 15 minutes, we'd gone all of 5 miles, if that. We finally reached an exit, and I recommended we get off. I didn't know where the road went, after all, we were south of Louisville and I didn't have a map, but I determined life would be better if 1.) we were moving and getting air circulating in our non-AC car and 2.) I went to the bathroom. So, we stopped at the truck stop, I looked at the $30 buck map and took care of business. Funny...the traffic jam was the result of a truck that spilled oil (or so the people at the truck stop said), and it was going to take several hours to clean up. Now...wouldn't you think that if the police knew that it would take hours and traffic would be at a standstill, they'd divert traffic? Not in Kentucky! Luckily, I had checked out the map and found an alternate route. What a ride! A rural Kentucky road, full of twists and turns, and a speed limit of 55mph. It was quite amusing! We were glad to finally get back to our usual route, but it was fun to see some parts of a state we'll probably never need to see again! Now if only I hadn't received a sunburn on my right arm, from the bottom of my sleeve to my finger tips...

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