Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cemetery Walks

Many of my friends know that I enjoy going to cemeteries and walking around. While I was in Tennessee it was no different. A few years ago, my uncle and I had found Johnny Cash's grave through a geocaching adventure. I had promised Lauren I'd take her there, so she and I went back, along with her sister Jenn, while they were in Mt. Juliet visiting me. We drove out and paid our respects to the man in black and his wife, and then moved along. I wanted to go back, so a few days later when I had the car, I did. I walked around and observed the different stones. I found it quite interesting that so many stones would have epitaphs or even just sayings on them. Maybe it's common elsewhere, but around here it's not. There was a set of stones that was a family and it explained the genealogy of the family. I thought that was a nice touch. A week or so later, Joe's sister and the girls and I went back. We had seen a movie and it was still early, and Chris thought it would be fun to see Johnny Cash's grave. So...we drove back. This time we walked around more, and we found the stone pictured. There are 20 years between JD and Iris, but they have the same last name. Not sure if it was husband and wife or father and daughter, or even brother and sister. But, poor JD is still alive and there written in bronze, "My wife, My partner..." How many Johns are wives?

Now, you're asking, why did you go back to the same cemetery three times? I had planned on visiting other cemeteries while I was there, but it didn't work out. Plus, I honestly had fun exploring the one. Each time I'd find something a little different. Next trip I do plan on visiting a different one, possibly two. I've been checking out the listings on findagrave.com and it really is interesting to see the different people who are buried in the locations. Who knows, maybe you have somebody 'famous' buried near you!

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