Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Greatest American Dog, Season Finale

I haven't mentioned the show for quite awhile, but I have been keeping up on the show. I was pretty upset when the Brittany Spaniel was voted off. She really was a talented dog, and the owner definitely showed a love for his dog and his family. I tuned in tonight not really realizing it was the final show. When I started watching, the final of the border collies was being 'expelled' leaving the smallyippee toy dog and the boxer. I still really love the boxer. He's just a pup, but he's got so much energy, and his owner, well, you can just see how much he adores his dog. The final challenge was for the dogs to go through a maze, a teeter-totter, a wobbly board thing, do two jumps AND get their toy out from underneath an elephant. The boxer was first to go, and he flew through the first 4obstacles like there was nothing to it. The elephant, yeah, not so much. But hey, who wouldn't be a bit scared?! He didn't go under until his owner proved that it was ok by going through himself. I totally gave him props for that. The second to "compete" was the yippee dog. (It was a Maltese, totally clung to his owner. Couldn't handle being away from her and would run to the door when she left. She claims he wasn't clingy. Psh, yeah, RIGHT!) Anyway. The Maltese was up, and she was like practically holding it through the first 3 obstacles. Then he flew through the jumps and easily retrieved his toy from under the elephant. I seriously think he was more afraid of his owner than the elephant! So, at the end they had to decide who was the best and who would win the title Greatest American Dog. It was rough, both dogs really did know their stuff. It had to have been rough for the judges. In the end they picked Presley, the boxer. Yay! I was so happy. They said that they had a newly wed type of relationship, and that the owner totally showed America what it was like to be a dog owner. I totally agree. So, even though I didn't agree with the judging through most of the show, at least theyippee dog didn't win AND the psycho dog didn't win. Phew!

Now...on to other shows...

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