Monday, April 5, 2010

Jury Duty and things

So this morning didn't start out so swell. I made it out the door only to realize that my keys weren't in my hand. Nope. They were on the table, behind the locked door. Total frustration! (Especially since I needed to be at the courthouse for jury duty 45 minutes from then!) So, I called Joe who wasn't quite at work yet-although he was almost there, and he turned around and let me in. (Thank you, honey!)

I made it to jury duty and was only 20 minutes late. They hadn't done anything yet, other than herd the jurors into the room. After about an hour, they took 15 people to a trial, the left about 40 of us left. So, we sat there listening to the news talk about Tiger Woods' return to golf today. I was thankful I had my book with me. Eventually they came back in and took another 25 people. (I wasn't one of them.) I did have some time to observe though. One wife came with her husband (I'm pretty sure she couldn't drive), and they let him go and sit with her in the court. Another observation was dress. The paper they had given us said to dress in business casual. I wore a work outfit, since we pretty much wear business casual anyway. (Although we don't wear jeans.) I was floored by the amount of people in jeans and t-shirts! Since when is a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt business casual? Did I miss something?? Now, a nice white cotton shirt and jeans isn't bad, and I'll allow that. But a t-shirt that can more appropriately be considered an undershirt? I don't think so. I also liked the Cavs t-shirt and jeans dressed up with a jean jacket.
Good times. Hey, something has to amuse me while I'm sitting around! I did have to wonder what the cases/trials were. The first group of people were the ones that were sitting around reading religious materials or carrying their Bibles, and the second group was mostly minority females. The bailiff pointed out that if anyone was a primary care provider for an elderly parent or had issues with childcare to bring it up, because they would be dismissed. I'm glad I'm not there, but yet, I want to know what the case was!

Well, that's all for now. I had some other observations, but I can't allow all of my excitement to be shared right now! ;)

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