Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Signs Signs, everywhere signs!

So, back when my mom was still around, we had this thing where we'd like to look for signs that either had spelling mistakes or grammar issues, or, sometimes, both. She'd cut out articles and ads from the paper and either send them to me or keep them for my next visit. One of my favorites was in Indiana near a school. It said "Speed Limit 15, Unless Kids are Present: 35." I loved it! I wished I would've been able to convince my dad to pull over so I could get a picture, but I didn't. At least I have the memory! :)

This particular sign is notorious for not being able to spell. I had wanted to get a picture of it 5 years ago, because it was one that made her laugh. (It had said Welcome: Cabbage Rolls (spelled correctly): No Smoking) I never got around to it, but I noticed that it was up to it's usual spelling issues, so I stopped and took a picture last night before I picked Joe up from work. I wonder if these people realize that spell check doesn't work on signs?

And people wonder why I get so frustrated when I have to deal with spelling and grammar issues!

Today I managed to take the plastic off of the windows so that I could enjoy the fresh air. I was going to work outside, but I realized that there was a chance that I'd see my neighbors, and really, do I want to talk to them? No. So I decided fresh air in my office was the next best thing.

After I took the plastic off, got the screen switched, and was able to sit at the desktop to work (which by the way I should be doing now, but I'm not b/c I can't deal with the grammar issues (see above)), I looked out the window. I saw the pine tree flicking me off. Clearly it enjoys its position. Ok. So it's not really flicking me off, but that's how it looks. Maybe it's not flicking me off. Maybe it's flicking off the people that I have to read and correct their work. Yeah. That's it.

Now if only UPS or FedEx would deliver a package. I hate making purchases online and having to wait for them!

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