Monday, April 21, 2008


I really haven't disappeared-honest! I've just been busy!

I've started a new blog to showcase my creations . That way those of you who aren't into what I make and sell don't have to be bored. You can come here for my random thoughts, pictures, whatever. If you want to see what I've created, visit the above site.

So, what have I been busy doing you ask? Well...this past weekend I read, which was nice. I also worked on jewelry (as seen on the other blog). And, I managed to get scared by a goose.

After a nice lazy afternoon, I persuaded Joe to go to Boettler Park/Southgate to go for a walk. We chose our course and walked. Now, as some of you know, Joe has a fear of birds. Not just bigger birds, but tiny birds too. So we're walking and we get by a pond that has a Canadian Goose that is in the grass. It's close to the path, but not in the path. He tells me "Geese are mean." I say, "Right. I know." We kept walking. We walked past said goose, and he says, "Geese are mean." (Or something very similar to that.) I agreed. I then turned around to look at the goose. BAD IDEA. The freaking thing started hissing at me and waddling towards me! We sped up our pace. The goose stayed behind. He said "I told you they were mean." (Again, something quite similar if not those exact words.) I had to agree.

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