Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Random things...

First-still no word from the career center. I haven't decided if that's good news or bad. The gal that stared at me the 2nd half of the test told me it took over a month for them to complete the process with her. I've decided what will be, will be. I cannot stress over this. It's just not worth losing my sanity.

Second...I finally have my name correct on my driver's license! After nearly5 years with it wrong, they finally added the space between Amy and Aileen. Mind was there when we first got married. It disappeared when we moved from Cuyahoga County to Stark County. They said there wasn't room. Yeah, right. So, after going in, having them call the help desk who made us go get my birth certificate and marriage license (which before were not acceptable) they finally changed it. Props to Brenda at the BMV or DMV (whatever!) who said "It lets me put the space in, let's see what happens." $19.50 later, I have my name correct. Next up...the mortgage.

And finally....Just my own random thoughts here. If for some reason you find a growth or lump on your skin, please, please, please insist on seeing a doctor who is willing to check it out and not just claim it's harmless. We lost Joe's aunt last week as a result of such growth, one that had gone from what they thought was a wart to brain cancer. It's just sad when you lose someone so sweet and kind as Aunt Donna, at the young age of 58.

Until next time, enjoy this weather!

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