Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hello, and welcome to the crazy world of me! Oh yes, it's been another fun week here in Green. Why? Well...for one thing I couldn't use the computer much because of the freaking storms. Every time I'd go to turn on one of the computers I'd hear thunder and see lightning. So much for that. Luckily there is blue sky out there right now. I'm making a run for the internet and you can't stop me, oh large forces of electricity!

What else have I been doing...well...I'm still not eating wheat or gluten. That makes it fun for someone who doesn't cook all that much. (I totally blame Joe's schedule!) I've made a few gluten-free coffee cakes that I eat for breakfast, and I'm slowly learning what I can and cannot eat when we're out. Sometimes you might not think that there is gluten in something, but my skin itches and my stomach informs me otherwise. Blah. I made a cinnamon-raisin gluten-free bread last night and had a slice of it for breakfast this morning. It wasn't too bad, but it needs something. I'm guessing butter and perhaps some cinnamon sugar. The hardest thing about this is finding foods that I can eat. The specialty shops aren't exactly close, and while I really want to go to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, I just haven't been able to justify the drive to Chagrin Falls and Beachwood yet. Montrose is about as far as I go.

Hmm...what else? I went to Kent State this week. That was interesting. I haven't really been on campus to see it since graduation in '98. It was amazing to me! I was walking and had to stop...hey-wasn't this a field?! Where the f* did that come from?! I did enjoy my 35 minute walk around the 'center' campus (aka Michael Schwartz for yet ANOTHER copy of my transcript) and the Student Center/Library. I didn't want to be too nostalgic and get a parking ticket for over parking. After campus I went downtown to visit a couple of the stores I liked to visit when I lived there. The Works is still there and selling fun artistic creations for enormous prices. Boy do I wish some of my stuff could gather that kind of price! I also went into Lasso the Moon. They were in the midst of their going out of business sale. Good thing I stopped when I did! I was good and didn't purchase anything, but it was fun to look around one last time.

I had my annual Build-a-Bear trip with Lexie on Friday. We had a blast. I'll post more about that later. It's definitely a fun place to go, but man can it be expensive! Luckily Lexie only has a birthday once a year.

Stitches come out on Tuesday at 11. Not that I'm counting down. My head is itching like crazy-I think that's a sign of healing, right? I just want them out! I don't think I can handle having Joe freak out every time he sees them. I swear, if we have children, he's going to be in the lobby. I want him nowhere near me. I don't want to worry about him freaking.

Anyway...that's all for now. I need to get back to 'work'. The storm really screwed my hours for the week, and while I only do 10 a week, having to do 7 in 2 days is just not fun at all!

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