Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The week of my birthday...

Should really be a holiday week. Ok. Maybe not, but I think I should be showered with presents and niceties all week. (I'd go for the month, but I know that won't work out so well...) So last night I was bugging Joe that I thought I deserved a card. (I was joking. The anniversary was a no cards, no presie type event, so my birthday is pretty much the same.) So...he takes a piece of left over cardstock and writes "Hap B-day Amy" puts a smiley face below that and scribbles what he claims are his initials. I was like, um...ok. So then he makes it a stand up card so I can sit here at the computer, work, and be reminded of how much he loves me. A little later he comes in and squashes it, saying that I needed a paperweight as a gift, not a card. Then later he comes in and puts a clothepin on it, and stands it up next to the monitor, and says he bought me art for my birthday. Then again he comes back in and he throws it across the room, and says he bought me a toy for my birthday. I've picked it back up off the floor and put it on the desk. (sorry for the dust in the picture. ICK!) I decided to make the picture look 'artistic' so only the paperweight/card/toy/art is the original color. I wonder if I'll get a bigger piece of art when it really is my birthday?!

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