Friday, July 18, 2008

AGD update...

I know. It's sad...I like a reality TV show. It's pathetic. I made sure I had nothing planned from 8 to 9 last night so that I could watch America's Greatest Dog. I was quite happy that Presley, the boxer, won the golden bone and was able to have the big suite. I'm always amazed at how well dogs are trained, and how people make it look so easy. Clearly it takes work, but the folks on the show make it seem so easy! When they had the elimination round, I have to admit, I was worried. After all, Star was on drugs after her run in with the wire or whatever it was that day, and I was afraid she wouldn't live up to the judges' standards. I was also a bit worried about Presley since he's still a puppy and can easily be distracted. Luckily those two dogs made it through no problem, and even the bulldog, Tillman, managed to sit and not eat his steak. (Seriously, that's a big thing for a dog!) When they called up the 3 that were up for elimination, can I just say how happy I was that Bella was up again? I was cheering, I was talking to the TV, and most of all, I was mocking the dog's owner. Why? Well...they had asked the dogs to be groomed. The wacko owner dressed the dog up in a formal dress. the heck is that grooming?! The judges agreed, and said that they couldn't even judge the dog because the clothes were taking away from the dog. Then the owner starts arguing, saying how her dog's a mutt, and how she has to put clothes on it because it's not attractive. Oh boo hoo. Then she starts crying, saying how she didn't even know if her dog was going to walk 3 months ago. Puh-lease. I was heckling her. But in the end...she wasn't voted off. I was a bit disappointed. OK. A lot disappointed. Hopefully she leaves next week.

On to other we went picking blackberries at Joe's sister's. I have never seen so many berries before!! It was crazy! We picked about 8 cups worth today, and they're not even completely ripe! I was a bit sad that I am leaving before they're all ripe, but hey, I'm sure there will be blackberries in Nashville, right?! to decide if I should cut my hair. Long hair is hot in the summer! Have a good one! :)

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