Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rejected...and other things.

After waiting over a month, I finally received my rejection letter from Medina County Career Center. Am I surprised? No, not really. Just means I have to keep looking for a job. *sigh* Oh, and I have a strong feeling the the local district isn't too keen on hiring 'their own' anymore. Any guesses on when I get that rejection letter?

Have you seen the TV show America's Greatest Dog? It started this week. There's a rerun on now, so I'm watching it...again. It's a strange reality show, something I don't watch all that often. But yet...I'm drawn in and can't help but watch this. I think I have fun making fun of the pet owners. The one lady who is dressing her dog up in full fledged outfits? Nutso. (She thinks the dog is her soul mate. Need I say more?!) Or the chick who won't let anybody touch her dog. Um...hello. You're on a TV show, where the dogs are important, and you're with 11 other dog owners. And no one can touch your dog? Yeah, I don't see that happening. Should be interesting. I'm hoping I lose interest in the show. I probably will when I'm in Nashville and have access to cable. BTW, my favorite dog right now is Star. I know, I didn't go for the border collies or the boxer. It's only the first week, maybe my favorite will change!

Other news, I'll be leaving on the 23rd and then coming home sometime in August. I'm hoping to get to Hopkinsville for a little while to visit with the family there, but I'm not sure when that will be. Nor do I know how I'll get there. But it's all good.

Ok. That's all for now. I should be posting a book review shortly. I've had lots of time to read lately. I'm hoping to start adding the book reviews when I can.

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