Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random thoughts

I still do not like snow. There seems to be quite a bit of it out there. I know, I live in Ohio and should just be used to it by now, but I just don't like it! Yesterday we received about 8 inches of snow or so. I had a snow day (one of the very few days I was actually scheduled to sub too!), and I was off at my other job, so I was able to relax. Good thing since I was sick. I think it's just a sinus thing, but it could be a cold too. It had kept me up all night Tuesday into Wednesday, so I was glad to be able to rest and recoup a bit during the day. I did feel bad for Joe though. He had to shovel the drive so he could go to work, only to find out that they'd sent the Lottery guys home around 10. He left around 2:30 and come home and shoveled the drive again. Yep, lots of fun was had in the Ramey casa last night!

The next topic on my mind is the economy and work. Now, I'm not going to get all deep about the economy, or how a new president is going to change everything. I'm going to talk about a simple observation I've made at work. As most of you know, I work for a large retail department store-the same one that hosts the Thanksgiving Day parade. Anyway. Last week we heard that they let 10 people in our store go, the mens department, a couple of shoe ladies, some in juniors, and then the cash office. It wasn't just our store-it apparently happened at others in the area too. I can understand letting people go because the cash isn't there, but aren't there other ways to cut back too? Say, closing when the weather is bad and no one is going to be out anyway. Or, closing at a decent hour, like 8 or heck, I'll say 9, during the week instead of staying open to 10 when the mall closes at 8. The amount of money that is saved from those hours alone would probably pay for those 10 people they had to let go. There aren't sales-the only folks in the store are the employees!

Ok. That is all I have on my mind right now. I had other things I was thinking about blogging about (like how I really want a dog) but I will save those for another day. Until then check out this book. I'll hopefully have a review of it up on my book blog withing a few months. :)

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Kate said...

Were those layoffs part of the recent announcement, or do you think there is more coming? Things are ugly out there right now!