Friday, January 9, 2009

Two Days in a Row

I know, it's amazing. I'm doing what I can to keep everyone on their toes.

So. Retail. It's an interesting world. It takes up a lot of my thinking time these days, as I've been there quite a bit. It's fun to watch people. Especially old people. They're all for getting the biggest bang for their buck. Today's sale I'm sure has them coming out of the homes in droves. In a way, I'm happy to not be working tonight. Tomorrow night it's supposed to snow, so there's a chance that the sale will fizzle. Not sure how I feel about that. I would like a sale or two. I'm not being greedy. There are some really awesome pieces on clearance in our department! I have my eye on an aquamarine ring that with all the discounts would be around 100 bucks. With my additional discounts, it'd be more like 75. My eye will stay on it, but I won't buy it....I think I'd rather have a necklace as my next piece of jewelry. I was really surprised how much the sales bring prices down.

Today and yesterday I've been subbing in a science class. We watched Apollo 13 in all 3 classes. I enjoyed the movie when it came out in '95, and it's still not bad now. There are some pretty good quotes that you could take out of the movie. I've found that some of the students just don't get the movie though. Some think it's all a hoax, and it didn't happen at all. Others think that this was the mission that burned up upon re-entry. *sigh* It can be scary sometimes. I worry about what's going to happen when they grow up. They're likely to be the ones that give me problems with the discount system.

Oh. I forgot. This is a fun little story. (Ok, not really, but anyway.) I left to go to work last night, and as a good person does, I closed and latched the door to the house. Only then did I realize that what I thought was my keys was really my phone. Oops! At least it was my phone. So, I made a quick call to my dad and about 5 minutes later, he arrived. I went in, got the keys, and off to work I went. We definitely need a new plan for lock outs, that's for sure!

Anyway...I'm off for now. The movie is almost over, and we're still waiting for Apollo 13 to re initiate contact with Houston....

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