Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fall is Finally here!

I know, officially it was here a few weeks ago, but for me it's officially here now. I have been able to wear a hoodie for the past few days (either after school when I got home) or as my choice piece of clothing when I drug my buns out of bed. I am so happy! I love my hoodies! The one I'm currently wearing is in honor of Kent State. In the summer I had to go back up to campus to get yet another copy of my transcript, and I realized that as an alumna, I did not have a KSU hoodie. The horrors! I have Army hoodies and OSU hoodies, but no KSU hoodies.
So, I remedied the situation. The one I purchased is similar to this in design, but the colors are different. I went for the grey with navy letters and gold outlines. I must say, the shirt is tres comfortible! (Have I mentioned that I love hoodies??)

I also know fall is finally here because I had to turn the heat on. I didn't want to do it, but even when dressed in layers, the house was showing it was 63 degrees, which is about 2 degrees less than what I would want it to be. So, I caved and turned it on.

Yet another sign? I'm drinking hot tea instead of iced, and I've turned to soup as one of my main meals for the day. Today I had a bowl of chicken chili that I found at Raisin Rack. It was premade, frozen, and best of all, gluten free! It was SO tasty! I'm planning on going back to Raisin Rack tonight to get some more, as well as to get some fresh baked gluten free goods. (I hope!) There's a bakery in Alliance (Kathy's Creations), and her food is un-be-lievable! I had the snickerdoodles and bear claws last week. I was so in heaven! I had forgotten how things like donuts/bear claws could be so tasty. But, her bakery is completely gluten free. I was beyond excited to find the items last week. I'm looking forward to what I find tonight! :)

Ok. Back to trying to stay warm. I'm thinking I might have to have some warm apple cider soon. Doesn't that sound yummy?

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