Friday, October 10, 2008

We've got spirit, yes we do...Or do we?!

Today was the first pep assembly that the school has had in a long time. Correction. The first pep assembly held during school hours. There is one for homecoming, but it's a community rally, and it's in the evening.

So anyway. There was a pep assembly today. I've never been to an assembly so quiet! The kids were just sitting there. Not yelling and screaming, excited for their school and their teams. They sat there. The emcee even had to tell the kids when to stand up and how to do the cheers! It was really a bit sad. I guess it shows that all of those years of telling the kids to sit down and shut up when there was an assembly paid off. They knew they had to be quiet or the assembly wouldn't progress. I'd really like to say something profound right now, but I've got nothing. I was just in shock. I've never been to an assembly where at times you really would've heard a pin drop. Strange. Hopefully as they start having more of these assemblies the kids will pick up what to do and the excitement will build. They really need to learn school spirit.

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