Thursday, October 2, 2008

Little Punks!

You know, it's 10:33 on a Thursday night, and I'm supposed to be in bed. But NO. Little idiot punks have to come through and nail our mailbox with a bat. Now we're waiting on the sheriff so that we can file a report. I'm all for having fun, but when it involves damaging property of somebody else AND keeping me awake, I am NOT a happy camper. I sure hope the sheriff nabs the bugger!

UPDATE: The sheriff never did show up on Thursday night. Turns out they never officially entered our call into the system! So I had to call them on Friday and have someone come out. It sure is interesting to see the amount of attention your house receives when it has a sheriff cruiser sitting in the driveway! After Joe got home we drove down the other streets in the neighborhood to see the damage, and the one street looked as though almost every mailbox got hit-even the plastic ones! We learned our lesson-no type of mailbox is baseball bat-proof, so we bought the $9.99 special at Wally World. After talking to my dad, the mailbox that was damaged was about 6 years old, so hopefully the replacement will last that long too.

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