Sunday, May 24, 2015

It's the little things..

Some days I tend to forget just how lucky we are. Even with crazy things. Over the last week, we have started switching C's milk additive from powdered formula (Nutramigen, which is VERY smelly!) to Pediasure Peptide milkshakes (also smelly, but not as bad.) Since C is still covered by WIC (something to be thankful for), they added 96 cans of the shakes to his monthly allowance. For right now, this covers how much he takes in, but as the breast milk supply slowly goes away, the amount will not be enough. I went to Giant Eagle to pick up the cases, and while I knew the stuff was going to be expensive, I had no idea just how expensive it was. $7.50 a can! That is almost a full dollar per ounce! Insane! When the girl rang it up, I'm pretty sure my jaw hit the counter. I mean, how do they expect people to pay for this?! What happens if they don't have WIC or insurance (which I have already started getting in line to cover this) that can cover it? I came home and told J we were very lucky to indeed receive WIC for C. 

Today we hung around the house most of the day. Sometimes it's a good thing. We did venture out to find some Munzee codes though, so T was a happy boy. We were going to go to a park, but changed our minds and just found them in the local Acme parking lot. I think this is one reason why I enjoy looking for them so much (aside from getting to spend time with T)-we can find them pretty much anywhere we go! Tomorrow we have to hit up the Sleep Number store (more on that in a minute), and I'm hoping to go to the Nature Realm to not only find Munzee codes, but maybe take some spring pictures of the boys. (Not that Heather doesn't take awesome photos! I just want to practice with my own camera and remind myself that I can do it. lol)

So Sleep Number. Last fall we decided to take the plunge and get a Sleep Number bed. Our friends had recommended it and said it was the best thing ever. I went and checked them out, and then met up with J at the store another night after work so that we could order it. We did not pick the cheapest bed there, nor did we choose the most expensive. We went down the middle, and chose to add on the moving frame so that we can raise and lower the head and foot of the bed. (I currently have it inclined and it is wonderful. :)) The day came for them to deliver it. They were late. Several hours late. They said that their truck broke down, so they were late. Um...Ok. It messed  up our day, I had kept T awake so they wouldn't interrupt nap time. That was a fail. I wasn't happy. They set up the bed, then told me they would have to return the next day because there was something they didn't know how to set up. Ummmm. What? J came home from work and figure it out. We complained. Sleeping on the bed was nice, for me, but J felt like he was sinking in toward the center. We complained. (For that much money, and for an adjustable bed, he should be comfortable!) They sent out new people. The original people were temps, not normal for installing beds, and had zipped the two chambers up crooked and broken the zipper on the mattress cover. They fixed that. J still has problems sleeping on that side of the bed. We've tried different settings, he's just not comfortable. (I am fine. I love the setting.) He ends up sleeping out on the couch or chair. We did not spend a lot of money on this mattress for this. We noticed that my side seems to be crooked, and it is indeed over the edge of the bed frame. Because of the way these mattresses/beds are designed, we can't just push the mattress over or slide it over. Doesn't work that way. Tonight I thought I would look to see if maybe I could adjust something. Turns out, the foam layer is ripped at least 2 feet! So, tomorrow we will be going to back to complain. Everyone we know that has a Sleep Number bed has been thrilled. We seem to have just received a bad one. Hopefully tomorrow they will be able to offer a solution. Until then, I'll be thankful we have a place we can put our heads down and get some sleep tonight.

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