Saturday, May 16, 2015

Yes, I am a night owl

I think I've determined I must blog only at night. Not that that's a bad thing, but I suppose I should be sleeping. lol

How have things been going in your world? These past few days have been crazy here. Last week Coquito had his shots, as previously mentioned. It took almost a week for him to get back to his happy self. Turns out, he also managed to get an ear infection. So, we have added antibiotics to his list of meds to take. This week they finally were able to do the barium enema on him. Poor boy. What's worse? He didn't poop until the next day!! Meanwhile, the GI doc was able to determine that he was showing possible signs of Hirschsprung's Disease, so we have to go in on Monday for a colon biopsy. Again, Poor boy. While this isn't great news, the silver lining is it might help provide some answers and we can get things rolling to get him on track. Never a dull moment with Coquito!

This week T has been a three-nager and then some. Holy cow! His emotions have been all over the place, his allergies have been crazy, and his tantrums and fits?! Ugh. I often wonder what happened to the little boy who 2 weeks ago was pretending to eat my arm, and when I ask what he was doing, he said he was eating me up because he loved me. (That's right. Where the Wild Things Are! ;-)) Today he wanted a new Play Doh truck that he had seen at Walmart. He had seen this truck on YouTube (a new discovery for him), and he really wanted it. We finally reasoned  caved and told him he could have it as long as he behaved. (We realize that C is getting way more attention, and I think we are trying to make things better.) He wanted to go to Walmart to get it. I had asked if we could go to Toys R Us. What 3 year old says no to Toys R Us? Mine. He refused to go there, and he had a meltdown when I said I wanted to go with him. So, in the end, he and J went to the store and I stayed home with C. Not a big deal, but man, very stressful and draining!

I will say that Play Doh, even though it is messy, will keep T's attention for an hour or more. The toy he got today was no exception. He has been watching videos on YouTube (Play Doh, surprise eggs, Mighty Machines), and he saw this truck. He played with it for at least an hour tonight when he got home. Even after the Play Doh was put away (hahahahahaha it is NEVER put away), he was playing with the truck in the living room with the rest of his toys. The Tonka Chuck set is definitely his favorite of toys to play with. The new one is his current "favorite", but this one is his stand by. Boy have things changed since I was a kid playing with Play Doh! lol

Well, I suppose I should get some sleep. T and C will be up soon and who knows what adventures we will have in the morning!

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