Sunday, May 3, 2015


Yes. This is what my mind is on today. Strollers. Not something I'm sure the average person thinks about, but when you have a 12 month old that has Down syndrome and hypotonia (low muscle tone), it is something you think about. You tend to think about a lot of things you wouldn't normally think of-how will the baby sit in the cart at the store if he can't sit up? He can't sit up, so how is he going to sit in a high chair at the restaurant? Do I really have to carry him in this carrier forever?! How do I keep him from falling over in this stroller when we're shopping?

Back to strollers. We have been very fortunate to have received all of our strollers as hand-me-downs. Our basic stroller is nice, it is light weight, easy to open and close, and has an adjustable seat. It is a bit awkward to put things in or out of the basket underneath, but I don't usually dwell on that. We also have a used jogging stroller that is great for walking out in parks and on terrain that is less than flat. Unfortunately, it was very well loved and the fabric on it is beginning to fray, and I'm not so sure I want to put little C in there. We have another stroller that is like an umbrella stroller, only bigger. I really like this one, but it is for bigger kids, more like T, than for little coquitos. Plus, it isn't good for posturing for C. (Stuff I'm learning about as days go by!) Our other stroller is a double stroller. It is a tandem stroller, a Sit 'n Stand. It's nice to be able to have both boys in one stroller when we're out doing a lot of walking that will cause T to become tired, but man, that sucker is awkward! It's long, hard to maneuver, and getting stuff like a diaper bag in and out of the basket? Ha. Not happening. At least, not without emptying the whole flipping thing.

Last week I was given the opportunity to try a  Graco LiteRider Click Connect Stroller, for free, in return for an honest, unbiased review. It is part of a program from One2One network. I decided to share some of my thoughts here, as well as submitting my official review. We've only really used the stroller for one day now, but I have some opinions forming, and I'd like to share. I really like the basket. Like a lot. I have a larger diaper bag (has to have stuff for 2 boys, after all) and it fits perfectly! It folds up fairly easily, and unfolding isn't too bad. Once I have practiced a few more times it will be easier. I like that I can use the carrier in it and not have to worry if it is secure or not, or, if I want, C can sit up and see the world as we are travelling. It moves very smoothly on flat, paved terrain. I am not as excited about the fact that seat only has 2 options-flat or straight up and down. With C, I have to use a positioner in with him, and it is a bit awkward to put him in. The tray in the front that C likes to beat his hands on is nice, but it is attached. It doesn't swing down to allow for easy "installing" of C when I put him in. The straps are still too large and it is hard to buckle him in. He's tiny. I know this. But a lot of kids with DS and hypotonia are. They grow slower. It happens. It doesn't mean we have to treat them like infants though. Overall, I have mixed thoughts on this stroller. We were at a park and had to go "offroad" to find a Munzee, and it was rather bumpy and not a comfortable walk. We also had to walk through some loose dirt and it did not make it. J had to come over and pick up the other end and carry it over. I do like it's maneuverability on flat surfaces, so it will definitely be a nice stroller to have for our many hospital visits/appointments. 

I had hoped I had found a replacement for all of our other older strollers, but this just doesn't seem to be the case. I guess I'll have to keep on looking. And now, I should get some sleep. We have many appointments this week (2 Monday, 3 Tuesday, 2.5 Wednesday, and 1 Thursday,) so I should probably be fresh to know what everyone is telling me about my little man. 

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