Thursday, May 21, 2015

Just an update

The results from C's biopsy came back today. They were inconclusive. Ugh. So, we have to schedule a surgical biopsy, probably for next week. Not fun! 

Today we met with our early intervention specialist and physical therapist from Help Me Grow at Target. How nice is it that they will meet with us to help us solve problems?! We wanted to find a solution so that C can ride in a cart when we go to stores. He's so tiny-14 pounds!-and he could still be riding in his carrier, but I really don't want him to. He's a year old, and he needs to be able to see the world! We were able to make up something that will work. It consists of his Snug 'N Go, some very cardboard,  a latex belt that is velcroed around the contraption, and a pool noodle. We were able to position the cardboard behind him so his back was up a little straighter, followed by the Snug 'N Go, and then we secured him to the card using the latex velcro belt thing. (I know it has a name. I just don't know what it is.) We could use the belt that the cart has, but that is right under his arm pits, and who wants to be strapped to something by your arm pits?! The pool noodle went in front of him, kind of to keep him in place, and also give him something to hold on to (and, as an added bonus, it held my Starbucks iced tea in place as we walked around the store to see if it would work). It might not be the prettiest contraption, but it worked! We were able to walk around Target for almost 45 minutes without him falling over! Now that I know how to use my sewing machine, I might venture out and make a cover for the cardboard so it is a little "prettier". It doesn't need to be, but I think it would be nice, and it would let me practice my new skill. If I do indeed "upgrade", I will post a picture.

Can you believe this weekend is Memorial Day weekend?! 2015 has flown by! We don't have any set plans as of yet, but who knows what we might do...I'm guessing it will involve Munzees at some point though! ;-)  

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